Let’s Make a Digital Planner!

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This item will be released on November 1, 2017.

Learn how to make your own digital planner!


Let’s Make a Digital Planner!

Here it is, friends, the class you’ve been requesting for almost a year. Learn how to create your own beautiful digital planner, from start to finish, with this step by step instructional video series by industry leader Tam Spires.

I’m planning to include an extensive list of resources in this course, tons of time saving design techniques, loads of newbie-friendly instruction. There will also be a module to briefly cover how to make money with YOUR OWN digital planners!

While this class is in pre-order status, I’m offering a HUGE introductory special to early registrants!

Because this class is still in pre-order, full details are not currently available.

This is a virtual product, no actual product will be shipped. You are purchasing access to a series of videos created for educational purposes only. All sales are final. 


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